Friday, June 10, 2022

Scorched Tundra festival in Chicago on 9/2!

We're dropping in to say hi and give you some good news! We are thrilled to announce that we're playing Scorched Tundra XII in Chicago on September 2nd! The festival is three nights total and every single show is incredible. You can catch us on night two with REZN, THOU, and HUNTSMEN. Tickets just went on sale this morning and we have every reason to believe they will sell out!


We will have other live dates for you soon, as well as updates about new music, but we wanted to give you the news about Scorched Tundra XII right away! We can't wait to see our Illinois-area family.

In other, related news:

Buick's first single from her forthcoming solo album, Conversations with My Other Voice, is coming out next Friday, June 17th! It's called "Afraid of Flying" and you can pre-save it here!

Jerry released a rad EP of instrumental tracks in April called Track Guy Kloarb 1.1: Origin of Doomkloarb. You can stream and/or buy it here! He also released a cover of "Goro and the Emperor" and made a whole video of himself tracking it during the early shutdown of 2020. Check it out!

More soon!
We love and appreciate you! 

Buick & Jerry, FC