Friendship Commanders are a heavy duo from Nashville TN, comprised of vocalist/guitarist Buick Audra, and drummer/bassist Jerry Roe. Their new EP - HOLD ON TO YOURSELF (released April 3, 2020) - follows their second LP, BILL, which they made with Steve Albini (Electrical Audio, Shellac). HOTY lands firmly on the heavier side of the band’s sound and they collaborated with mix engineer Kurt Ballou (GodCity Studio, Converge) to round out the new work. A departure from a previously raw, mostly live-tracked approach, HOTY introduces a layered, more dimensional studio sound for FC. 

In this body of songs, FC examines the world around them, their part in the problems and potential solutions, and even challenges the patriarchy. The release also gets personal and discusses what it looks like to be an adult who survived childhood trauma. The band’s primary songwriter, Buick Audra, is an abuse survivor and has chosen to dedicate this work to other survivors. Her outgoing message is summarized in the EP’s title. The phrase has been a personal mantra for Audra; she has a habit of writing it down every morning as a reminder. She says, "This has been especially true during times of dealing with unsafe family members, abusers, or unwell people. With a past of self-abandonment, holding on to myself has to be a focus in everything I do. It's a good reminder and I always need it. It just seemed like the right set of words for this record."

TTS053 - DAVE, 2016 (LP)
TTS057 - BILL, 2018 (LP)

TTS051 - GARFIELD, 2015 (EP)   
TTS055 - JUNEBUG, 2017 (EP)

Management: Ryan Quigley // thegentlemanq@gmail.com
Booking: Aaron Gray // aaron@heavytalent.com
Press: Caroline Borolla // caroline@clarioncallmedia.com
Contact FC: friendshipcommanders@gmail.com

The photo of FC on this site is by Jamie Goodsell.
Jerry Roe plays Craviotto drums, Meinl cymbals and Vic Firth sticks.
B. Arson plays D'Addario strings, cables, and accessories.