Friday, November 6, 2020

New Videos / Merch / Rolling Stone!

Dear community!
Thank you for your kind attention and support over these last few weeks! We're so grateful for the reception of "Stonechild" and "Your Reign Is Over." We want to share this piece that Rolling Stone (!!!!) did about it. Unreal!
Last week we premiered the video for "Stonechild" at Brooklyn Vegan! You can watch it below. Jerry wrote, directed, shot parts of, and edited it. The narrative shots were performed by Austin Strobel; the performance shots were done at Nashville's EXIT/IN, one of our favorite independent venues, and one that is in danger of closing without support. We hope you enjoy it! And this week on Election Day, we released the lyric video for "Your Reign Is Over"! Also below!

Today is another beloved Bandcamp Friday, which means fees are waived for artists. We do have merch for the new release, and since it's a digital release, we so appreciate all who buy merch to help us offset recording and production costs. All of the merch items come with downloads of the new songs, and the items are all limited edition, only available this time around! Buying the songs themselves is also great!

Last, tonight we're part of a fundraiser for another venue we love, ONCE in Somerville, MA. We're playing a couple of songs live for a great cause. Join us if you're available!

That's it for now. Thank you again for sharing in what we do.

We send you all love and solidarity. The next time you hear from us, we'll have elected a new president. Can't wait.

Our best to you,
Buick and Jerry
Friendship Commanders