Friday, May 1, 2020

Virtual Merch Table 2 today, May 1 // Live stream show May 8!

We hope this finds you safe and well, friends! What a month, right? We're alright. We're home in Nashville, we've been sheltered in place for roughly six weeks now—not at all what we expected, that's for sure. We're writing to say hello, to give you some updates, and to share some media!

First of all, huge love and thanks to all who have supported the release of our new record, Hold On To Yourself! We're so honored to have this community on our side. We know it's a transitional time (at best) for many, so we're floored by the solidarity. Bandcamp is once again waiving their artist fees today (May 1st), so we're letting you know that if you buy anything today, it helps us recoup costs for the record production and lost touring revenue. Also, Buick has been making some cool fabric masks, and all merch orders made today come with one bonus fabric mask! Photos below!

We hope you've seen the video for "The Enemy I Know," but if not, it's also below. And there's a cool in-studio video of us playing "Tuxedo Mean Wolf" live at Sound Emporium in Nashville, courtesy of Meinl Cymbals! We shot it last year when you could still do such a thing. Enjoy!

Last, we're going live on Instagram a week from today, on May 8 at 7 pm CST! We've been working out the logistics of live-streaming a show at full volume, and we think we're about ready! Follow us there to catch the show. Can't wait to see you all from there.

Thanks so much!
We love and appreciate you,
Buick and Jerry
Friendship Commanders