Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Updated live stream date, May 15 // New essay series about the songs!

Hello, friends!
You may have noticed that we didn't go live this past Friday as planned. We didn't have power! Nashville was hit by two storms back-to-back on Sunday and Monday of that week. We lost power during the first one and were without it for the week. So, we're trying again this week! Join us on Instagram on May 15 at 7 pm CST. We're going to play the new EP, Hold On To Yourself!

Second, also starting this Friday, Buick is going to be doing a weekly series of essays here on our site called "About the Songs." She'll be going through the individual song on the new record, talking about what inspired and shaped the work, and also getting into the recording process. So check back!

We appreciate your continued support and hope you're alright out there!
See you Friday!