Friday, May 24, 2024

Louisville tonight, Steve Albini forever

 Happy May, friends!

We're playing Portal in Louisville tonight, May 24th, with Whores. and Bad Wires! Come on out; we'd love to have you there.
Tickets HERE!

Speaking of tonight, we're playing a song from our second album BILL to honor our friend and collaborator, Steve Albini, who passed away earlier this month on the 7th. We've been reeling from the grief, and feel that playing loud music—especially music we tracked together—is the best way to honor who he was.

We had the pleasure of making BILL with Steve in late 2017. We spent a week with him at Electrical Audio hammering out thirteen songs to two-inch tape—an ambitious endeavor that he led handily. We had both loved his work as a musician and engineer for years and doing that project with him exceeded all hopes and expectations. Steve was a warm, funny, accommodating collaborator, one from whom we learned too much to list. Contrary to reputation, he earned every bit of the co-producer credit he has on that record; we were actually surprised by how involved he got. We loved and welcomed all contributions, of course.

Beneath the profound grief we know we share with countless people the world over, lives our gratitude for having had the experience at all. We could have only talked about it and never actually done it. But we did do it. We went. We made cool shit with a hero and legend who became a friend. And now we’ll miss him forever. We offer our love and condolences to all who lost him. If you haven't listened to his last album, To All Trains by his band Shellac, go do so immediately. It was released ten days after his death and is a stone-cold masterpiece.

We'll have more to say about making BILL with Steve in the coming months, but for now, we're off to Louisville!

Thank you for being here; we hope to see you tonight!
Buick & Jerry, FC