Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hey friends!
We hope you're having a fantastic holiday season. We have two things to tell you:

First, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Jace Everett for an interview a couple of weeks ago. He and his partner Nicole have a cool podcast called Nashville Later with Jace Everett and we had a great time visiting with them both! We spent an hour talking about music, politics, the state of the world, and a few other things. Check it out, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast while you're there. Oh, and there's a bonus clip from our hang on the "Exclusives" part of the site.

Second, and more importantly, fellow Nashville artist and musician Jessi Zazu is currently battling cancer. In the face of total powerlessness, we'd still like to contribute what we can. To that end, all money made from digital sales of our music on Bandcamp through the end of the year will be donated to her medical fund. She is also selling the rad "Ain't Afraid" shirts that she designed, and the money is being put toward her medical expenses, as well. If you want neither our music nor her shirt but still want to help, you can donate directly to her fund. Please give what you can. Thanks so much.

Happy holidays. We send you love, strength, and PMA for the year ahead.