Friday, January 15, 2016


Happy 2016, everyone!

Our first album is up for pre-order today! You can order whichever format(s) of DAVE you wish, and you'll get one song from the record now, "Animals of Pride." All physical formats will include the digital download of the album, and all but vinyl will ship out on the release day, February 12th. Because vinyl is such a complicated beast, it takes significantly longer to press. We're shooting for May 1st as the shipping date for that format. It's our first vinyl release!

One dollar of every copy sold (in any format) will be donated to HIV/AIDS programs.

A little bit about our new project: we made this album twice. Remember last Spring when we sent you a newsletter that said something like, "Our album is done! We can't wait to let you know when it will be out!"? Well, that was true. We sat on that record for a little bit, sussed out our best options for releasing it, and made the GARFIELD EP in the meantime. As you know, that EP came out this past October. Alas, it was better than the album we'd made. Somehow we had changed as a band, and we wanted our first album to reflect who and what we really are today.

We went back to the body of work formerly known as our album, kept four songs, kissed the rest goodbye and started over. We wrote the rest of the story, recorded it all, and it became DAVE. It is the story of changed perspectives, from negative to positive. It's about being the person you want to be, despite the losses and disappointments life will inevitably deliver. We hope you connect with it.

We tracked the record ourselves. Jerry mixed it. Alex McCollough mastered it.

The artwork is by B. David Walsh, of course. The pineapple is his sacred image, and it is also the image of welcome and friendship. We thought it was exactly right for this project and we're so grateful to have collaborated with him once more. The graphic rendering was done by our beloved team member, Ric Simenson.

Our updated tour schedule for next month is below. Two of our eleven shows are sold out (!), but there are still tickets for the rest. We can't wait to see all of you, and to share this new work we're so proud of. Happy pre-order day, and happy new year.

Yours in friendship and rock,
Jerry and B.

02/13/16 --- The Milestone, Charlotte NC
02/15/16 --- En Su Boca, Richmond VA
02/16/16 --- DC9, Washington DC (SOLD OUT!)
02/18/16 --- Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia PA
02/19/16 --- The Bowery Ballroom, New York NY (SOLD OUT!)
02/20/16 --- O'Brien's, Allston MA
02/22/16 --- Opus, Salem MA
02/24/16 --- 242 Main, Burlington VT
02/25/16 --- The Bug Jar, Rochester NY
02/26/16 --- The Buzzbin, Canton OH
02/27/16 --- Now That's Class, Cleveland OH