Thursday, August 20, 2015


Hope your summer has ruled. Ours has been pretty great so far.

We have some cool things to tell you, in this order:
1. We can finally tell you that our second EP, GARFIELD, will be released through Trimming The Shield Records on October 17th. It's the follow-up to our 2013 debut EP, AMOS. October 17th is Cassette Store Day, and we're thrilled to be a part of it for a second year in a row! The new EP will focus more on our brand of hardcore songs, all brand new. Can't wait for you to hear them. The EP will be released as a limited edition run of one hundred cassettes (with digital downloads!), each hand-numbered. Pre-order will start in late September.

2. We finally started our own YouTube channel. Phew. Go check it out, because we posted a new video of us doing "Tuxedo Means Wolf" live at the The End in Nashville, from the end of June. That song is one that you'll hear on our forthcoming full-length release. Thanks to Jeffrey Shoup for the video! Subscribe to our channel if you want to see more of that sort of thing.

3. We're going to be performing live on a Radio Free Nashville (WRFN) program called "The Real Music City" on August 27th, 9 PM CST. We'll be talking about the new EP, listening to other local bands, and performing some of the new material, so be sure to dial in!

4. Remember our Cassette Store Day release last year, "TSS001"? It's only been available on cassette up to this point, but we just made a digital download available, since it's been a full year. Check out the three tracks from that release, if you haven't already.

5. Lastly, we have some tour dates for this month, listed below. Looking forward to playing some towns we haven't toured to before!

We think you rule. Thank you for stopping by, and for listening. See you out there.


8/08/15 --- Radio Room, Greenville SC
8/14/15 --- Kaiju, Louisville KY
8/15/15 --- Foam, St. Louis MO
8/16/15 --- PGEvansville IN
8/26/15 --- Springwater, Nashville TN